positive. comparative. superlative. stark, strong,, starkare, stronger,, starkast, strongest. hög, high,, högre, higher,, högst, highest.


stark (komparatiivi stärker, superlatiivi der/das/die stärkste) (taivutus)

pozitiv. deklinace silná. číslo. 1.

Stark superlative

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Pronunciation . IPA : /stɛrk/ Adjective . sterk (masculine and feminine sterk, neuter sterkt, definite singular and plural sterke, comparative sterkare, indefinite superlative sterkast, definite superlative sterkaste) strong, powerful Bjørnen er veldig sterk. The bear is very strong. emotional Adjective: ·The superlative form of stark; most stark The Stark Superlatives. It was a silly tradition that started from one of Catelyn’s many lectures when they were all younger. One year, on the last day of school before the hols, Sansa came home with a certificate that said ‘Most Likely to be a Helping Hand’ and was very proud of it.

[Spoilers] Stark Superlatives. Spoilers. spoiler. Jon Snow - Knows Nothing. Arya Stark - Kills Everything. Sansa Stark - Always Up to Something. Bran Stark - Sees

While group III-V semiconductors (especially GaAs/Al x Ga 1−x As) have been extensively studied, group IV heterostructures such as the Si x Ge 1−x system are much more difficult to realize because of the large lattice mismatch. A stark wind blew across the plain.

Conjugation of stark - German. Inflections of stark [adj.] Gemischte Deklination (mit die,das,der). Maskulin - Komparativ / Superlativ. (Pos.)stark. (Komp.) 

Pojken är stark. Komparativ Andra jämförelseformen kallas komparativ: gladare. Superlativ Den högsta jämförelseformen kallas superlativ: gladast. Detta återspeglar att skillnaden mellan "stark" och "svag" böjning historiskt sett betyder att de får ändelserna -are och -ast i komparativ respektive superlativ. stark - betydelser och användning av ordet. med stora kroppskrafter: stark som en björn; stadig, stabil: en stark konstruktion, starka superlativ, är starkast. that elative superlatives have expressive function and are typically used in emphatic assertions (R).

It is often used to compare two objects, people, etc. DEFINITIONS 2 1 used for describing a building or scene that is very clear and plain to look at, often in a slightly unpleasant or frightening way She disliked the stark brick walls and the steel window frames. (comparative starker, superlative starkest) You can also use more stark and most stark. unpleasant; real, and impossible to avoid synonym bleak The author paints a stark picture of life in a prison camp. The general rule regarding regular adjectives (positive, comparative, superlative) is that for short positives add -er and -est to it to form the comparative and superlative eg - ‘fast, faster, fastest’. Declension of stark in the comparative, declension tables for many other German adjectives.
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Stark superlative

Sansa Stark - Always Up to Something. Bran Stark - Sees stark (rather formal) used for describing an unpleasant fact or difference that is very obvious: The stark truth is that there is not enough money left. The simple/ plain truth may be something that some people do not want to hear, but it may be good for them to hear it anyway. stark. comparative.

deklinace silná. číslo. 1.
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am stärksten (base-word stark) → the strongest Attributive Superlative 3rd degree attributive adjectives don’t use am — instead, there will be some sort of determiner there.

All the leaves were gone now, leaving the tree stark and bare. The house was bare and empty with stark, white walls. stark. adjective.